If your loved one is special, then so should be their once-in-a-lifetime proposal. Here’s how to take it to the next level.

Go Big or Go Home

Here’s the thing. It’s quite possible that though you haven’t talked about it, you loved one may already have an idea that you intend to propose. After all, it is the natural order of things, and it may be so that they know you better than most others. This being said, the only “surprise” that they may have in your proposal, will be the method in which you propose. This is your cue to go big, or go home when it comes to the event. Take time thinking through how you want to propose to the one person who will be your constant through out your life. Take longer to think of making this once-in-a-lifetime experience memorable for both of you. This, ultimately, will take your proposal to the next level.

Select a Unique Ring That Will Blow Your Loved One’s Mind

Without a doubt, the ring you propose with is important. It’s true that your loved one may say yes to you even without the ring, but the ring will only make the whole experience more poignant and feel more thought through. Do a research on jewelry style. Get a little help from her friends or family to find out her ring size…or just borrow one of the rings she wears regularly that she will not miss for a while. Don’t buy the first ring that catches your eye; do a little window shopping first. Even the stones in the ring may be tailored to fit her. All of these needs to happen within a set budget, of course.

Make Sure the Memory Is Tangible

The human memory is a funny thing. Some things may stay sharp in your mind, even as time passes; and some things eventually fade into the background. Thanks to how excited and emotional the two of you will be on that day, chances are that you may not remember all the details of the day when you look back at the memory. Rather than having regret about not remembering the details of such a special moment, consider hiring professional proposal photographer NYC (or wherever you intend to propose) to make sure you have tangible memories of the moment.

Make the Venue A Memory Filled One

Like the ring, the venue too plays an important role when it comes to taking your proposal to your loved one to the next level. And like the method you propose with, the venue to needs to be given careful thought. Try your best to make sure it’s a venue that already means something to the two of you. it could be the first place you saw her, the place you had your first date at, or even the place that you first holidayed at together. If these places are not special enough, consider taking your loved one to the one place you’ve always dreamt of visiting together as a couple, and proposed to her there.


Image Credit: Sunset