Are you on the lookout for a great university, particularly one that offers great accommodation, too? There could be loads of questions in your head and concerns that float in your head as you keep looking.

The idea of campus accommodation could give you mixed feelings. On one hand, there’s loads that you’d be learning from living the ‘campus life’, and on the other, you might wonder if you could really count on it. Here are the top concerns you are likely to have, and what you can do in order to find a place that satisfies you in the following aspects.


Safety is always the primary concern when you have got to stay anywhere away from home. A lot of people might tell you loads of things when it comes to university accommodation that might sometimes discourage you. However, the best thing you could ensure complete safety is by getting into a good campus that is known and reputed for its standards in all aspects, including the security of their students. Safety does not only mean protecting yourself from any kind of harm to your mind or body, but of your belongings and your property – whether an equipment or you study notes!


Privacy of students is somewhat connected to the safety factor, too. Student living in the campus area need to be given the level of privacy that they deserve. While there always are certain regulations and boundaries that apply to residents to ensure their safety, they certainly aren’t deprived of their needed and deserving privacy. However, not all colleges will offer you this sort of balance, and so, you’d need to do a little bit of research on the regulations that are laid out to students living in the campus. In shirt, you would want to find a place that allows you not too much or too little privacy to their residents.


Pleasantness is extremely important, especially to those who have left their homes far away. A pleasing and positive environment makes students’ lives more productive in the campus. It contributes massively towards their mental wellbeing and psychological stability amidst the study stress they undergo.

Most campuses focus on this aspect and take it seriously when they design and set up accommodation for their students. Check out the UQ college accommodation rooms for instance, online, to get a glimpse of what ‘peaceful and pleasant’ environments should look like for every resident student.


Convenience is equally important as the things described above. Live-in students have numerous personal needs just like everyone else. It could be challenging for them to have these needs fulfilled unless there are arrangements and facilities made available and easily accessible.

There are cases where students have quite a hard time when it comes to this aspect. It also becomes a reason why they may not completely enjoy their life at the campus and believe it to be a hassle at times. Look for colleges that are known for fulfilling student needs in every way. These ones should guarantee you complete satisfaction in every way!



Image Credit: College Campus