When designing a new home, or refurbishing an old one, try to think outside the box. Home design has come a long way in the past decade. Instead of looking back to how older homes were decorated, think about new concepts that you can incorporate into your own home to improve style as well as functionality. Most homes do not have unlimited space. Most homeowners do not have bottomless buckets of money either. Therefore, try to design your home in a pragmatic manner that saves space, money and is durable for years to come. Here are several of such great home design ideas:

Staircase Shelves

Most homeowners leave the space under staircases open, or close it up as a cupboard under the stairs. There’s a better way to make this seemingly useless space look good and also be of more use: shelves under the staircase. Ask your home builder or contractor to add shelves to the space under the stairs, and you will have a gorgeous area that you can transform into a home library or another storage space.

Glass Balustrades

Obviously, you will need some sort of railing to protect staircases and balcony areas. Instead of going for traditional hand rails, consider getting frameless glass balustrades in Melbourne or your local area. There are practical and style-wise advantages to this. Glass balustrades, of course, look gorgeous from affair. These structures are also relatively easy to clean with glass cleaning solution and a handheld rubber wiper. Glass balustrades also do not have spaces in between like traditional railing. So, it’s less likely that a kid might squeeze through or a rolling object may fall downstairs. Glass balustrades create well enclosed spaces that are secure and very visually appealing.

Beds with Storage

If you are designing a smaller bedroom, buy beds with storage drawers underneath. This is save plenty of space in bedroom so you will have more room to move around. Plus, these types of beds ads a vintage touch to a room. Do not clutter bedrooms with storage furniture. Keep the space open to let the sunlight in and allow for plenty of breathing room. Beds with storage capabilities will let you do just that.

Bunk Beds for Kids Room

If you have two small children sharing a room, instead of setting up two beds side by side, consider getting a bunk bed. This will increase space in the rest of the room for other furniture and for play areas. You can also get two single bunk beds, which can also increase overall available space. When it comes to kids rooms, space efficiency is paramount. Kids need plenty of room to move about and avoid hitting body parts on furniture.

Glass Ping Pong Table

Get a glass ping pong table instead of a coffee table for your living room for two-in-one functionality. When you have friends over, you can use the table to play ping pong. And at other times the table will be the coffee table in the living room.

The above design ideas will make your home look stunning as well as very liveable.


Image Credit: Home