If you own a small boat and you want to keep it looking like new, the key is in the maintenance and the care that you give it. There are different types of boats that are made of different materials and many of them have very specific rules of maintenance that you should know about without any doubt. You may not be always able to take your boat for a service but if you know these tiny basic tips and rules you will be able to definitely have a really great looking boat.

Wax, Polish And Gel Coat

If you are the owner of a boat made of fiberglass you will need to contend with gel coat maintaining. This will be needed both on the sides of the hull and the deck too. When the gel coating is done correctly you will have a tough and glossy finish on the exterior that will help keep the body of the boat safe from the sun and the salt and anything else as well. If it has not been done correctly it is usually really chalky and messy. All you need is a bit of elbow grease. You will also need to have boat polishing products like waxes so that you can look after the body of the boat well. Remember that you will be putting your boat in the water and that especially if it is saltwater, the boat will start corroding fast. The best way to keep that rust away is to make sure that you maintain the body right.

Liquid And Spray-On Wax

You should know that sometimes liquid and spray on wax will not have the best protective properties but it does create a really great shine and it can also be applied quickly and easily. You can use this product for something like a mid-season waxing and touching up for the boat so that the shine stays consistent all through the year.

Strataglass And Marine Canvas

Canvas is not the same thick and rough fabric that is used to be back in the day but it still is the name that is given to material that is really durable and used to create console enclosures or cockpits and Bimini tops and the likes. Strataglass is another name for PVC that is used to make the see-through panels in the marine canvas parts of the boat. Keeping both these components clean is the best way forward but just make sure that you do not wash the canvas in the household washing machine or dryer because it will ruin the fabric within a few washes. Instead, stick to hand washing. Use a mild soap and a brush with light bristles, then using generous amounts of fresh water brush off any bird droppings, salt and other abrasive materials that may have gotten collected on it. Make sure that the canvas is waterproof and if you feel that it is losing that property treat it with something that will help it repel water.

Image Credit: Small Port