There’s no lie that sustainability is on the rise in today’s day and age and all that’s left is for the corporate world to embrace it full swing. Once products and services become entirely sustainable ventures, consumers will have no choice but to pay for the more eco-friendly choice. This means that corporate offices to have to change the way things are managed and be more conscious with their actions. Here’s how you can start off:


We’ll start with the most obvious step- yet it remains to be the most persistent issue. While everyone knows they should be recycling their plastic, reinforcing the rule still remains to be an issue. Of course, you should discourage single plastic usage altogether but for what cannot be avoided, make sure your recycling capabilities are spot on.


What does functionality do? It essentially helps increase your efficiency. If you can increase your efficiency and functionality on the lowest amount of resources possible, you’re saving energy. This means that having a functional office would also help your cause. Get your office fitouts in Brisbane sorted out now for maximum efficiency.


In offices nowadays, there’s a printout for every single thing. Be it a draft, a correction, and update- it all requires printouts, which are quite unnecessary. It’s time to wean off that dependency for print and move more towards digitized efforts. For those documents that do require printing however, you can do so using recycled paper and a greener printer that provides less heat.

Sustainable Products

You may not think that the products you use in your kitchen and bathroom make much of a difference but actually, how often do you find yourself using them in a day. Everyone has things to wash, toilet rolls eventually get replaced- and did you know paper towels find their way to the landfills? Make more sustainable decisions when you look at products.


Using LEDs is being far more responsible towards the environment than general bulbs- to be exact it’s 80% less energy so make sure you’ve made the right lighting choice. And of course, it goes without saying that you need to harness as much natural light as possible to reduce your dependency on electricity. You can also embrace natural light as much as possible by making use of neutral or light colours for your walls. The lighter hues are also said to be less noisy so they help increase employee productivity too!


Embrace more green into your space. It promotes a healthy mindset that livens up the atmosphere. There are plenty of plants that survive well indoors so make sure to pick one that requires the least amount of maintenance because the last thing you want is for your plants to die on you. This wouldn’t reflect well on your image as well.

With these methods, you can easily make your office more sustainable!

Image: Sustainable Office