If you find yourself having to rotate similar clothes on a bi-weekly basis, then your wardrobe is definitely in need of an upgrade. Not everyone can afford to spend all day shopping at name brand stores. Even if you are on a budget, there are definitely ways to enhance your closet without going into debt. Here are several suggestions:

Add a Clothing Item in Each Colour of the Rainbow to Your Closet

Your clothing selection can seem boring and uninteresting for a major reason: lack of colour. Most of us tend to buy clothes in shades like black, brown, red, white, or cream. Colours like these are practical and common. But your closet needs a variety of colours to liven it up and get your ready in a jiffy for any occasion.

So, don’t hesitate to spend money on an orange or a green item from now on. The more colours you have, the easier it would be to mix and match.

Buy Items on Sale Whenever Possible

Want to save money on a clothes shopping spree? Then find bargains on the internet. You can find everything from elegant dinner dresses to cheap perfume online on sale. As online apparel shops profligate, retailers try to outdo one another by luring customers in with discounts and cash-back offers.

Take advantage of such offers online when you want to buy new clothes. Discount deals are no longer confined to just the holiday season. There are semi-annual sales and random sales that will definitely help you save a lot of money shopping.

Don’t Forget to Stock up on Accessories

As any fashionista knows, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. As you stock up on more colours and styles of clothing, you accessories would need upgrading as well.  As with clothes, there are plenty of sites devoted to cheap accessories as well.

There are accessories like earrings and rings that sell for as cheap as a dollar on the internet. So take advantage and grab what you need.

Spend Money on Versatile Clothes

Humans are creatures of habit. We often buy clothes are largely similar in style. It’s comfortable and familiar. But if you truly want to enhance your wardrobe, enhance in clothes in different styles as well. Choose the right size, of course. While you may feel a bit of discomfort at first, the new clothes should be comfortable once you get used to them.

Buying Second-hand is Sometimes Worth It

No one really wants second-hand items. But some clothes can really be worth it. Occasionally, do browse thrift stores and you’ll find a rare gem or two in there. Thrift stores are perfect if you are into vintage items.

Ultimately, you have to decide on which items to spend money on, and which items to buy on sale or at a thrift shop. For example, do spend money on your shoes and business suits. Spending money on these now are more worthwhile on the long run, as these items are highly durable. But you can buy things like blouses and jeans on sale. Stick to these tips to save money without sacrificing style.


Image Credit: Closet