Students are still learning about how they can make an impact in the community.

There are seminars and clubs devoted to different social problems, and these establishments teach students how to affect change. Trying to help the environment and protecting our resources is a common cause that has gained popularity in recent years.

There are many ways that you can help preserve our world.

Say No to Plastic Bags

Plastic shopping bags that are discarded end up in landfills or other areas of the environment. These may choke animals that become entangled in them or confuse them for food. It also takes time for the bags to break down. Use a reusable bag while shopping for food, clothing, or books. This reduces litter and keeps animals from getting control of them. Some stores (such as Target) also give discounts for using reusable bags! These bags are good for more than just shopping. I’ve heard of people packing their belongings in reusable bags as they pass!

If you leave your bags at home, go out and buy a new one.

Only Print What You Need

We’ve all had teachers who required us to bring a copy of every single reading to class, or professors who demanded a printed version of the ten-page paper due this week. These are good, but it appears that they are unaware that using so much paper is bad for the environment.

What are your options? Ask your tutor if you can carry a laptop or an e-reader to classes so you can access and read the reading from there. If not, print on both sides of the page to cut down on paper use. If you need to send in a lengthy article, ask the professor if it is appropriate to print on both sides of the page and clarify why.


Recycling is such an easy thing to do, but too many people fail to do it. Many garbage disposals services have recycling services, so consult with your current provider to see if they can assist you in getting started! It’s as easy as getting a bin and throwing it out with your garbage cans for free!

Another choice is to search for recycling bins near dumpsters. Instead of tossing recyclables in with your non-recyclables, take the extra step of locating recycling cans around your school.

Save Electricity

Use energy-saving light bulbs instead of standard bulbs. They should last longer, which will save you some money. Make you switch off lights, TVs, and other devices when not in use.

Reduce the temperature of your air conditioner or heater when it is not required. This is particularly true in the transitional seasons. In the early fall, consider opening your windows or layering your clothing. If possible, you can switch to green electricity by getting small 5kw inverters in Australia. The size depends on your household.

Save Water

Water is being wasted at a far higher rate than we realize. When brushing, your teeth, turn off the water. Switch on your shower just when you’re about to get in and wash your hair. When washing dishes, try to use as little water as possible. Changing old habits is beneficial to both the world and your bank account!


Image Credit: Environment