Are you feeling like your work productivity has taken a hit? If so, you should think about ways in which you can improve this situation. Most of the time, our productivity in a workday is about two hours at its peak. After that our productivity does reduce over time quite dramatically, this is why, towards the evening, everybody in an office is just waiting to go home.

However, as you do have a lot of work to get done through the day, maintaining your efficiency is really important, so that your work does not get piled up. Here are some productivity hacks that you can make use of for just that.

Pick A Good Supporting Seating Situation

For one thing, you cannot possibly think about working for eight hours or so, a day, if you are unable to sit there comfortably. Therefore, your first priority should be to pick the right furnishings. You can, for example, look for an office desk in Brisbane, or any other location and then select chairs according to that, if you happen to be furnishing your workplace.

This way you can rest assured that all your employees will have enough physical support during the day to keep them mobile and comfortable. When people feel comfortable, they will work better, than if they had to battle a serious backache because the chai9r does not give enough support.

Keep the Noise Levels Optimal

The noise levels of the workplace should neither be too loud nor should it be too quiet. Both these extremes can be unnerving and can reduce the efficiency of you and your team. This is also why it is recommended that you have a pair of headphones with you at work so that you can play some focus music while you are at work.

White noise is also something that has good results for some people. Try to keep away from music with lyrics as it can be distracting and you should also try and make sure that you don’t let your colleagues keep talking to you and distracting you.

Take Breaks In Between

No matter how well you have organized your workspace, it is normal that all of us feel tired, especially during and after lunch hours. It is just that time of the day that is warm sometimes and uncomfortable or just that you feel really tired. During such times, stand up, walk around, stretch a bit, go for a brisk walk or so and come back. If your office has a garden you should take a quick walk there too. It will help keep you going and will also minimize your stress levels. Both of these things are good in any working situation.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydrating yourself during the day will make you even more lethargic and unproductive. If you want to keep working, stay hydrated. Take in fluids like water, tea, coffee, juice or an isotope. Too much caffeine cannot be recommended and neither can sugary drinks, but some energizing herbal teas and water or isotopes can be really good for you.

Image: Office desk