Want to get out of the city and enjoy the countryside? Here are several excellent weekend trip ideas for Melbournites and tourists.

Mornington Peninsula

Possibly the most popular getaway from Melbourne, there are parts of the Peninsula that you can explore on the weekend. Mornington is best explored on a longer trip, but you don’t have to go everywhere on your first trip. Trips can easily be arranged with a local tour company.  A great way to spend your weekend is to shop at the Red Hill Markets for crafts and then visit the Peninsula Hot Springs in Fingal soak your tired feet in chemical-free water. Fingal has a number of outdoor thermal mineral pools, even one on a hilltop and another in a cave. Turkish steam baths are also available. Despite the luxurious setting, prices are highly affordable. Soaking in the hot springs enjoying the scenery is definitely the ideal way to spend a weekend. You can also go on beach rides on horseback with Gunnamatta Trail Rides in between bathing sessions.


Geelong is definitely one of the best trips outside of Melbourne. The township is perfect to enjoy some quiet time on the waterfront. You can spend time shopping at the vintage market, touring historical sites, surfing at the beaches and indulging in local delicacies. From Geelong, there are short trips to the deeper countryside too. You can easily spend overnight as Geelong accommodation is very reasonable on most occasions.

Drive on the Great Ocean Road to Lorne

If you don’t want to spend much money on your getaway for accommodation, a good option is to drive down to Lorne from Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road. The scenery is simply jaw-dropping. You can stop by one of the beach resort areas to enjoy healthy seafood meals. There are plenty of exciting pullovers on this segment of the Ocean Road, you’ll never want to drive back.


You can enjoy the breathtaking seaside town of Queenscliff in a day. Two days will be plenty of time to enjoy relaxing strolls in the township, shop at local markets and visit the historic Queenscliff Hotel for a filling lunch.

Yarra Valley

Spend the weekend indulging yourself with Australian wine and verdant countryside scenery with a memorable trip to the Yarra Valley. You can visit as many as 4 wineries on a weekend trip without getting overwhelmed. However, it’s important to plan your weened and decide which wineries to visit and where to lunch and have dinner. You can enjoy picnics here as well. Larger wineries offer excellent activities for even those who don’t drink. You can save money by visiting wineries like Domaine Chandon that offer free tasting tours.

Phillips Island 

With careful planning, you can enjoy the most famous sites at Phillips Island on a weekend trip. Go Friday night or Saturday mornings to see the penguin parade at sunset and enjoy dinner. You can spend the rest of the time taking in the wonderful sites of the coastline and visiting sea bird gardens.

For a memorable winter weekend trip, visit Lake Mountain early in the year.


Image Credit: Sunset