Buying a new home is a major decision and there are numerous factors to be considered before making that decision. You have to have all of your family members agree on the location and the type of home you want to build since all of you would be living in it. Include your children (and your pets!) in the decision making. Otherwise, you all would not be able to enjoy your new home.

If you have read or heard about house and land packages, you might have a few questions about it and whether if it is the right choice for you and your family.

Different Packages Are Available

When they say there are beautiful house and land packages, it might mean that the buyer would select the lot and the type and design of the home they want. Although the design is standardized to conform with the lot size and the land estate development’s design scheme. There is still room for customizing the design to suit the requirements and preferences of the buyer.

Another package that might be offered to you is house and land packages with the houses already constructed. With this package, you might be able to move in immediately. But since the house is already built, you could not give your input anymore as to how you want it to look like.

Proposed Infrastructure And Land Development

Most land estate developers would have a brochure or a pamphlet regarding the land they are currently developing to entice buyers. Included in these leaflets are proposed infrastructure within the area. Usually, there is the perennial facility of a swimming pool, a court (basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.), gym and a multi-purpose hall.

But if the estate is somewhere near public transport, schools and institutions of higher educations, restaurants, markets and or shopping malls, you managed to find a prime location for the house and land package.

All-Inclusive Price Package

When you set a budget with regards to the purchase, you have to make adjustments because there might be other charges that you have to pay such as administrative fees. Before making any decision, inquire if they have an all-inclusive price package or if they could give you the total amount including all the other expenses you have to compensate.

At least with this, you are aware of the total amount that the house and land are worth and if it would fit your budget. Knowing the all-inclusive expenses could also make it easier for you should there be any other offers from a different land estate developer. You could make a more informed decision if you have all the information. Your money might be of more worth to another developer.

Another consideration you have to think about is if the land is prone to flooding, erosion or any acts of nature and what the developer has done to counter these disasters. If the land is near a forest or the woodland, inquire if the developer has any contingency measure when it comes to bush fires. Better to be safe than sorry.

Image: Bird’s eye view