Creating crafts is a great hobby that helps people unwind and feel relaxed. You can do this anywhere you’re comfortable with, especially in your home. If you’re a regular crafter, you’ll find that crafting is a fun thing to do especially when passing time.

Whether you do crafts occasionally or regularly, there are these must-have supplies you should have ready in your craft box just in case creativity strikes or when you just want to create something. Here are the most basic supplies and tools every crafter should have, even for those who are still starting with this hobby.


Paper is definitely the most basic item you’ll need when you’re crafting. There are tons of things you could do with it – from cards, decorations, party supplies, and many more. Aside from having a stock of plain white paper in your craft room, it’s good to have other types such as newspaper, magazines, cardstock, patterned paper, and many more. You can use a combination of these items to create something beautiful if you’re feeling creative. If you’re looking for specialty paper to be used on greeting cards, notes, or any letter, this luxury stationery shop in Melbourne CBD is the best place to go.

Writing Tools

Next to paper, you’ll need writing tools to create cards, letters, or anything that needs writing. Aside from regular pencils and pens, you should also have other creative writing tools such as coloured markers, coloured chalk, calligraphy pens, paint, charcoal pencils, and many more. It’s all up to you on what kind of writing tool fits best in your craft.

Cutting Tools

A pair of good and sharp scissors is a must-have for every craft box, especially if you love working with paper crafts. However, other cutting tools can also be useful especially when you need to cut something thicker than paper, such as cardboard. A sharp cutter comes in handy for thicker materials. If you need to finish a lot of paper craft, such as a set of invitation cards, having a cutting machine helps speed up the work. You could also create uniform cuts with a machine than doing it manually.


In almost every craft project, you’ll need some adhesive to stick things together – whether it is paper, embellishments, and many more. A tiny glue gun would be handy to have especially when you love crafting decorations and other projects that require sticking non-porous materials together.

You should also have glue, transparent tape, double-edged tape, or even a set of washi tape if you’re looking for more style. Adhesives are the most essential supply that would bring together your craft project, unless if you’re planning to sew things together.

Having all those tools and supplies ready can make your crafting time more convenient and enjoyable. Whether you’re still starting out or already a seasoned crafter, those 4 basic items should always be in your crafting kit. You could also add more depending on the things that you usually use for your crafts.


Image Credit: Stationery