Everyone loves cafes and there is nothing called too many cafes. People love to pop into relaxing coffee shops after a day of hard work or to gather around and try out new food while catching up with their loved ones. But how do you make your coffee shop stand out from the others, especially when coffee shops are becoming more and more common? Keep reading to find out.

Pick the Right Place

There are few things that you need to look into before you pick the right space for your store. Firstly, the crowd in the area. If you are planning to set up your store in a busy city or a mall complex, then you will have no issues with customers.

Targeting spaces close to schools or colleges or parks will also give you a unique customer base. In addition to the population and the crowd, observe the other stores around you. If you are setting up next to another café, this will give you quite a competition as a starting business. So always observe and research the area before choosing your location.

Envision Your Concept

Building your shop around a theme is one of the best ways to create the perfect vibe. The rustic design with wooden and metal structures, the urban design with funky décor, garden cafes with a little bit of nature inside, vintage look that makes you feel like you are living a Jane Austen novel, or pop culture themed ones like replicas of Central Perk from friends are some of the ideas that customers will love.

You can also decide your theme to fit your specific target audience as well.  For example, if you are targeting teens, then popular culture based on themselves will hit right off. If you are trying to make it a book café, a vintage or a rustic feel is the best to match with the library vibe.

Give a Great First Impression

The exterior design and display are the first impression your patrons get when they pass your shop. So how do you attract them instead of passing right by you? You make sure to have an exterior design that is hard to miss or forget. Get into designing a brand logo for yourself.

You can go the professional way ask a designer. Or you can simply log into a logo designing website and create your own logo. After that, think of how you can display the shop logo and the name outside. Your signage also needs to match with the theme of your café. So, think carefully about the graphics, fonts and colours you use.

Consult Professionals

With space and the budget, you have, there will be some ideas that you can execute perfectly while others you might have to change and tweak a bit. The best way to see if your design goals are achievable is to meet a design professional and consult them about your design plans.

Start looking for commercial architects Melbourne will have quite a few members you can choose from. Contact interior designers. Show them your drafts and sketches. Let them see your space. Talk to them about the features you want to add and remove.

Then they will tell you what parts of your plan are realistic and what needs change. They will also help you build your space in a way that is functional and comfortable for the employees as well as the customers. After that, it is a matter of building your dream store.

The perfect design plan is the trick to make your potential customers to pick you out as they pass. So, remember to follow these tips before you start your project.

Image: coffee shop