You’ll find it hard to find someone who doesn’t struggle with mental focus. Life in our day and age is fast paced and leaves us juggling many things. Although it makes us busy, not having a clear mind can also affect your mental wellbeing. We talked about 5 great ways to deal with it.

Are You Ready to Do Your Task?

You have a major task in-front of you. You don’t have to work on it right now, but you’re choosing to. This is great, except that your mind is not in the right place. It’s going at 1000 miles an hour which would affect the quality of the work you produce. If you can stay alert, you’re focused enough to get to it.

Get Rid of Distractions

You may be the type of person that has a hard time staying focused. To help you get to work, make note of your surroundings – put everything that distracts you away. This seems easy, but you can’t always do this. What if your co-worker is your distraction? You can’t just tell them to leave. This is where you’d plan in advance to avoid them.


Researchers have been speaking about the benefits of mindfulness for ages- you’re hyper aware of your surroundings. To increase mindfulness, start meditating. You can start with a couple of seconds/minutes and move onto to more advanced stuff. If you’re not a fan of meditating, breathing exercises also do the trick.

Holistic Aid

We’re major fans of holistic medicine, especially work with crystals. They help with chakra, keeping you focused. Although many aren’t believers, know that they’re great ways to relax. The therapist’s massage you while your session goes on, which leads to a state of relaxation where you can take your mind off whatever has been worrying you.

Get Good Sleep

You need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. When you sleep, you let your body rest. You also let memories and thoughts get organized. It can definitely be hard to get such hours, but trying your best over the weekend should be on the top of your list. If you have trouble sleeping, making your room pitch-black and staying away from tech at least half an hour before you hit the hay will work wonders.

Final Thoughts

Mental clarity is not the easiest in our day and age. Life’s stressful, so focusing on things is quite the task. If you have something you need to work on, doing so during the right time is a must. You’ll know it’s time when you can stay alert.

You will definitely need to take any distractions you have away. If it’s someone, try and plan around them.

Something we’re major fans of is crystals – we believe they really help with chakra and your thinking so that it’s clear. How clear your thinking will be is also affected by how much sleep you get – aim for 7-9 hours.

Hopefully, you found everything we said beneficial. Which of our 5 points helped you the most?



Image Credit: Holistic Health