From the moment you deliver your baby, diapering becomes one of your main concerns and mommy responsibilities. It’s also pretty much the first thing on your baby essentials list, before and after you have given birth. You can be a first-time parent or even one who is expecting your second or third, however, somehow, it still becomes difficult to decide on which brand/type of diaper is the best for your child. Nevertheless, there are few points to keep in mind when selecting a diaper for your little one.

Special Requirements

In the early stages, or the newborn stage, always consider your baby’s specific, exclusive needs if any. As you know, every baby is different and so are the environments and setting. For instance, you would want to think about skin conditions and rashes that your little one is more prone to, or has developed, making her extra sensitive to her nappies. Thus, always pay attention to special requirements, first.

Costs become a major concern too. If not at the beginning, a little later for sure. You might want to compare different brands, by trying small packs from each for a start.  Never buy in bulk of until you have tested them properly, and you’re satisfied with the absorbency and the fit on your baby. Once you’ve found that one amazing brand that’s just perfect for your little one, you can start looking for interesting options that are pocket friendly. A nappy subscription service, for instance, might be great if you want to enjoy a fun experience with your nappy purchases!


Selecting between cloth diapers and disposable diapers is the next thing that may concern a lot of new parents. Some parents are firm about, and swear by disposable diapers, while some choose to go with cloth diapers owing to the fact that they are environment friendly, and of course, a little more affordable than the former type. However, both, cloth and disposable diapers come with pros and cons.

Disposable diapers are more convenient, breathable, and comes in various sizes, however, most of them aren’t environment friendly. In addition, some believe that low quality disposable diapers contain chemicals that are likely to cause skin irritation and problems for some babies.

Cloth diapers on the other hand, are very cost-effective, re-usable, and eco-friendly. The fabric is super gentle on the skin, which, according to some, is the best part!  However, they require a little bit of work when it comes to cleaning and washing, and are also have fewer absorbent levels when compared to the first type.

Common Issues

Diapering can be challenging at times. There are a few problems that almost every parent may complain about in the beginning at least. Leaky diapers are a common complain. Not all diaper brands are made with high-quality material or have special properties to avoid leakage completely. Again, it takes some time and effort until you find a good and reliable brand.

Another common issue is diaper rash. A few things like choosing the right size, changing diapers on time, and of course, opting for a good quality diaper brand might be helpful in reducing nappy rash and skin problems in babies.

Tips to Deal with Diapering

Set up a calm, clean, and convenient Diapering area with all the necessary supplies nearby, like lotions and disposal options as per your requirement. Change and check your baby’s nappy regularly to reduce rashes and discomfort. Keep a few tips and tricks ready to make changing sessions quick and less fussy, as most babies hate it!


Image Credit: Mothers