Your dog might sleep on the couch or your bed. However, those places are not always ideal for a dog to sleep. A separate bed is not just a sleeping space for your dog. It’s a spot to retreat and a soft and comfortable place to call its own. It is also a basic need of a dog.  Choosing a great bed for your dog can be difficult. So here are some types of beds to choose from according to your dog’s needs without getting confused.

Standard Beds

These beds look like cushions or beds and do not have edges or rims. Round, oval, rectangular and square shapes are available and covered in materials such as flannel, denim, fleece, faux suede and microfiber. Filling of these beds are often made with polyester or foam padding. Some beds have a cedar chips filling in order to deter odours and insects. However, these beds may not be suitable for senior dogs and dogs with orthopaedic issues.

Orthopaedic Beds

These are designed especially for the dogs with arthritis or any other orthopaedic issues. Orthopaedic beds are made with high quality thick foam in order to provide extra support for the dog’s body and put less stress on its joints. These types of beds are very effective for senior dogs and thin and bony dogs. If you need an orthopaedic bed for your dog, you can search as memory foam dog bed to help you out find a suitable bed for your dog. These beds will help prevent pressure sores and calluses.

Donut Beds

Donut beds provide a rim or edge around the bed. This edge is pillow-soft bolster which will let your dog curl up and sink in. This is one of the cuddliest dog bed type available. However, some senior dogs and weak dogs might have trouble getting in and out of this bed because it is very plushy.

Nest Beds

These are very similar to standard dog beds but nest beds have raised edges. There are rims and edges that surround the whole bed or only a portion of it. This is ideal for your dog to curl up or lean on.

Kennel Beds

Kennel beds are specifically made to fit kennels or crates. This is ideal than bulky blankets. I your dog spends a significant amount of time in the crate or kennel, this bed is a must.

Covered Beds

This looks like a small house or tent. A covered dog bed is a great way to give your dog a special place.

Heated Beds

This bed is ideal if you want to give some extra warmth to your dog. Heated beds combined with orthopaedic features can be highly therapeutic for the achy joints of a dog. These beds work like heating pads or electric blanket. Make sure to follow the instructions though they are made with safety features.

You have to first consider the needs of your dog and then try and choose the perfect bed to match all the needs pf your pet. This will make sure to keep your pooch comfortable.


Image Credit: Dog Bed