When homeowners go furniture shopping, something not many of them consider is getting pieces made from concrete. There are several benefits of doing so, and we ran through them below. Read ahead.


Concrete is very durable. You can expect furniture made from it to last hundreds of years. Just look at ancient Roman civilizations. Some of the concrete structures they’ve made are still standing.

Most wooden furniture has weight limits – you don’t have to worry about this with concrete.

Where will you be placing furniture made from the material? You might be thinking of having it outdoors. The heat from the sun won’t make it warp. Does this mean that it will be able to handle very hot temperatures and go unscathed? Hairline cracks could form, but they would be non-structural.


Do you have little kids around the house? You know how messy they can be. Your worst nightmare would be them spilling juice on your white couch.

Sealants make concrete furniture stain resistant. If you do somehow manage to get the piece stained, the stain would fade away with time.

You can replenish the sealant by applying concrete floor wax or beeswax every couple of months.

If you don’t let acidic substances get on the concrete’s surface, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting its sealant resealed for up to a decade.


The beauty of concrete is that it is easy to keep clean; all you’d need is soap and water. You don’t have to worry about pieces made from it off-gassing any odours. Concrete is also non-toxic and food safe. Did we mention that it’s non-flammable as well?

Due to how hard concrete is, anything made from it would not harbour dust. If you’re a very busy person, this makes cleaning around the house easier.


Not only is concrete durable, easy to take care of and quite safe, but it is aesthetically pleasing too. Furniture made from it would contrast well against softer pieces around the house.

The material can also take up any shape, colour or texture. Do you have a specific vision in mind? Something you’d be able to do is purchase custom concrete furniture. You can either get it machine-finished, or you could get it handmade, which would make it look more artistic.


The fact that concrete can be moulded any way you want means that pieces made from it will fit any type of room. They could tie in well with the concrete sinks or counter tops you have in your kitchen.

Let’s summarize. There are several benefits of purchasing furniture made out of concrete. You’d get something that not many have. Concrete furniture comes in all kinds of styles and forms too. You’d easily be able to find something that would fit your home’s aesthetic.

The material is super durable as well, and its toughness prevents dust from settling. Considering how sealants make it so hard for concrete to stain too, you have several reasons to purchase pieces made from the material.

Image: Furniture