Photography is one of the most abstract arts there is. There are very little restrictions a photographer would have when practicing the profession they love. The kinds of opportunities photographers get to explore are also quite unique. There are unusual areas in photography that are not as popular as the rest, but that are equally or sometimes even more interesting.


Storm chaser Photographer

What is your first instinct when you hear of a storm or a hurricane?

If it is to run away and hide in a corner, this isn’t the job for you. Storm chasers Photographers are those who capture a scary side of nature on a daily basis. Their job description requires them to be amidst these dangerous circumstances. There aren’t any fixed work hours or a specific job requirement. The only thing expected from a photographer in this field is to be present at the location of the storm and to make the best out of the situation.

Food Photographer

Food Photography is a profession that has seen a significant growth within the past decade. People don’t just see food as food anymore. They see a perfectly cooked and presented meal as a work of art. Most chefs are expected to have the skill to present their cooking with great finesse.

People have started to care about the way their food looks. Therefore, restaurant owners and food manufacturers rely on photographers to make their products look better than they actually do.

A person who gets involved in this profession should have a true love for both photography and food. It can be quite a fun job for someone who enjoys the two aspects of it.

Film scout Photographer

The job of a film scout photographer is to find ideal locations for movies and other video productions. In order to do that, the photographer would need to travel from one location to the next finding for the ideal backdrop for his production.

He would need to think about the lighting, the perfect time of the day to shoot, the angles and a number of other important details that would affect the production.

Dental Photographer

This is a very peculiar sounding profession; however, it is one that is quite popular and highly paid for. Dentists hire professions to take pictures of their patients. Since cosmetic dental surgery is highly in demand at present, the need for convincing photographs has also increased.

Photography is a profession that will never bore you. There is always going to be a new field to explore or a new experience to try out.