If you are about to get married you will probably be in the middle of the stressful process of planning your wedding. It’s also a very costly affair and you must implement a strict budget on yourself. However planning a wedding on a budged does not mean that you have to miss out on the vision you had about your perfect day. If you do enough research you will be able to find cost affective alternatives to almost every aspect of your wedding.

The perfect location

The location of your wedding is crucial, as it will determine the whole setting and the vibe of the event. Therefore you will want to find the perfect venue. Look for function venues in your area as this might be a cheaper alternative to a hotel. Search for function venues in your city such as ‘function venue Geelongif that is where you live, and find a suitable place in your area that also won’t break your bank.

If a function hall is also beyond budget for you, you can look for, following the previous example, ‘affordable function space Geelongto find an affordable venue for the celebration. Another alternative is to have a ceremony at home with a ceremony held in your garden, or by the beach or in a public place like the park. At the end of the day what is important are the people that you share the day with so pick a place where you can have a party that everyone can enjoy.

Getting the right dress

The wedding dress can also be very expensive. However it’s an important part of your wedding plan since it’s what you will be wearing and that will impact the way you feel on your big day.

The dress is also traditionally white but brides now chose to wear other colours as well. The colour and the style of your dress will be determined by your personal preference and also by the fact of whether you are a traditionalist or not. Take your time to pick out the right dress. However don’t get carried away with designer names and current trends. Pick something timeless and simple.

Planning your décor

The décor takes up a large portion of your wedding budget. It is a commonly known fact that flowers are overpriced at an insane mark up price. However this is so because demands are high and the industry allows for it. You can lower your cost by picking flowers that are in season for your décor.


Image Credit: Bridal