So, you said that you would host the Christmas party at your place? That’s great, but where are you going to put them all. The yard? But that’s a mess!

Regardless if it’s just work colleagues or your entire extended family, you can host them all in the backyard with a little bit of effort.

Clean up the outdoor furniture

There is nothing like the warm summer months to clean up outdoor chairs and tables. With a bit of soap and water, any dirt and mould built over winter are easily removed.

If your furniture is wooden, it is even easier to give them a fresh appearance. A simple coat of paint can transform your outdoor living area. Choose bold colours that are reflected into the house interior to create a tasteful talking point.

Add cushions and seat protectors to ensure your hard work does not go to waste at the first toppled red wine.

Clean up water features

Water features are beautiful, calming garden elements that look disgusting if they are not cleaned regularly. Simply by removing any leaves or algae and adding fresh water, your water feature can once more be the gorgeous talking point.

As no one likes cleaning their water feature, consider adding water plants. Not only do plants look amazing they also help filter the water for algae, so you do not have to reclean as frequently.

Wash the deck and paths

A clean path or deck can make all the difference to a yard. Decks, in particular, can become mossy and slippery over winter so make sure you use an eco-friendly cleaning solution to remove any potential hazards for fast moving or uncoordinated party guests. Paths can be easily given a new lease on life using a pressure wash or jet adapter.

Freshen the lawn

Your lawn is one of the first things your guests will see as they enter your yard, so it is important that it makes a positive impact. While summers in Australia can be harsh on lawns, you can easily rejuvenate the patchy areas with a slow release lawn feed. If there is simply no hope for certain areas, you can re-seed or re-turf. It is best to do this as soon as possible, as it is recommended to keep any traffic off those areas until the grass is fully established.

Trim/Prune your trees

While some gardens do not grow very much over winter, others simply love the wet weather and quickly become towering giants of shrubbery. For simple flower bushes, you could prune them back on the weekend, but for bigger jobs consider hiring professionals. Tree arborists are trained in both tree surgery, removal, maintenance and tree pruning for Melbourne properties. For the best results hire a qualified business like Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery. With the right professionals employed you can then rest easy knowing the job is taken care of, and move onto more important steps.

Like cleaning that BBQ

Everyone knows you don’t have a Christmas party in Australia without a BBQ, so make sure there will be no flambé spider alongside the prawns.


Image Credit: Gift