2016 is quickly drawing to a close which means that everyone is turning their attention towards the New Year ahead. Resolutions are being made and plans are being prepared. If you are a sports enthusiast, it is quite probable that you spend a great deal of time planning your life around sporting events. Or, perhaps, you are just looking how you can spend a couple of enjoyable hours outdoors. Either way, thanks to the booming sports industry in Australia, there is a great deal to attend, all year long. Here are some of the sporting events you simply cannot afford to miss in 2017:

Australian Open – Tennis

There is no better way to kick start the year than attending this monumental tennis competition. It runs from the 16th of January, until the 29th of January. You should not wait to book your spot as Australian Open tickets are already available for purchase. If you enjoy tennis then this is certainly the place that you need to be. Greats from all around the globe will be gathering here to battle it out for glory and the ultimate title. You can definitely be certain that this is going to be a truly inspiring and exciting showcase of talent from start to finish. This is an event that you really cannot afford to miss.

Australian Open of Surfing

If you are looking for something to do the following month, why not head down to Manly beach in Sydney. Here is where this massive surfing and skating event will be taking place from February to March. If you are looking for some fun in the sun then this is the place to be. Not only do you get to see some of the best athletes that the industry has to offer, it is much more than just a sports event. You can enjoy music and a festival-like atmosphere for the duration of the event. This is because in addition to world class surfers and skaters, you can also expect music headliners to perform here. When you are not watching the adrenaline spiking action, you can party it up with likeminded folks. This is a nine day event that promises non-stop fun for the entire duration.

The Melbourne Cup

True, the Melbourne Cup takes place only at the end of the year. Nonetheless, it is certainly something to get excited about. Whether or not you follow horse racing, this is one day of the year where everyone in the country is a horse racing fanatic. It is easy to see why as it is much larger and greater than a race. There are lots of festivities, dressing up, and simply having a good time. The other part of the fun, of course, is choosing a horse to bet on. Study up and you might actually be able to pick a winner on the day of the race. While you might be waiting a while, this is definitely a race worth looking forward to.

These are some of the more important Aussie sporting events of 2017. There are spaced out so you will probably be able to attend them all. Make sure to drop in, at the very least, even if you cannot stay for the duration of the events.


Image Credit: Tennis Ball