A hot water system would make your life easier, as well as make showers more comfortable. There’s a lot to consider before you buy a heater, though. We’ve talked all about these points below. Keep reading.

Energy Efficiency

The hot water system you install would influence your energy bill. Some heaters use solar power. As little-to-no fuel would be used, not only would you save on your energy bill, but you’d reduce your carbon footprint too.

There are specific heaters that were made to not use that much power. They’d have star symbols on their side.

Heater Type

To save you from reading a super long article, we only discussed the two main heater types; tank and tankless units.

Options with tanks are the conventional choice. They are cost-effective and long-lasting. However, they are bulky. Water would flow into the tank which would then be heated.

Tankless options don’t store water– water, whenever you want, would be heated to be used; anything that passes through is heated through super-heated coils. As you’d be getting hot water on demand, these units are more expensive.


How much hot water would you need? This would affect the type of heater that you should buy. Let’s say you get a heater that’s not the right size. Will you still be able to install it? Yes, you would. But not only would the hot water produced not meet everyone’s needs, but poor energy efficiency is something you’d struggle with. You’d likely replace the unit shortly – this would be an added expense.


There are countless heater models. Don’t just find out how much it would be to buy the one you’re interested in, but find out how much its operating costs would be too.


You won’t be able to install the heater yourself.  If you’re looking for commercial hot water repairs and installation in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, go with names that are reputed. A good installation job needs to be done. The heater might wear quicker otherwise.

Working with a plumbing team before you purchase the water heater would help you get one that’s the right size. They would give you the exact measurements to keep in mind.

Fuel Type

The majority of heaters these days use gas or electricity. As mentioned, some use solar power. But you’d find options that use propane too. Electric-powered ones are the most popular.

If you’re adamant about saving, a heater that would utilize solar energy would be great. If you don’t live in an environment that’s sunny, they might not work as well, though.

To wrap everything up, there is a lot that has to be kept in mind when shopping for hot water systems. There are two main heaters; they’d either be a tank or tankless. If you want hot water whenever you want, you’d for a tankless unit. Don’t just find out how much the heater would be to buy, but do your research on how much it would be to maintain too.

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