Suffering from food allergies? Don’t let the condition ruin your life. Here are several tips for managing and handling various food allergies without disrupting a normal lifestyle:

1.     Carry Your Medications with You

Don’t leave the house without your Epi Pen or other medications. This way you won’t have to worry about accidentally suffering an allergic reaction that can intensify into anaphylactic shock. You won’t also constantly worry about what foods might cause a reaction. So, keep your medications with you and be and feel safe.

2.     Know Exactly What Foods You are Allergic To

The worst part about being allergic to food is not knowing which types of foods you may be allergic to. It’s not smart to try different types of food and wait and see which causes a reaction. A smarter and a more scientifically proven method is to go for food allergy testing. A licensed service provider will take blood sample from you and then test this sample against a number of allergens. A lab can test your allergic response to hundreds of food items, which you probably won’t be able to do at home. So, seriously consider testing to know what foods you should be avoiding at cocktail parties.

3.     Don’t Be Shy When Dining Out

There’s nothing embarrassing about having a food allergy. So, when you are dining out at a restaurant, you shouldn’t feel reserved about inquiring the staff and chef regarding possible exposure to allergens. Ask if a meal you are about to order may contain allergens. Keep in mind that it’s not just the ingredients you have to worry about, but also food preparation methods. Ask the staff if the utensils used in food preparations may be exposed to the allergen. Your food should be prepared in an allergen-free environment. Restaurants are usually happy to oblige. After all, it doesn’t do well for a business reputation to have customers leave in hospital gurneys.

4.     Read Full Ingredients Lists

Most people are lazy when shopping and don’t really bother to read the ingredients labels. If you are allergy prone, you must read the complete ingredients label. Some manufacturers conveniently list allergy information. But it’s still worthwhile to check the ingredients list and see if there are any chemicals or supplements listed that you may suspect would cause an allergic reaction. Don’t buy anything without reading the labels.

5.     Eat Homemade Meals

If you are sick of wondering about what’s in a pre-prepared meal you buy from a store or an eatery, try making your own food at home. This is by far what’s best for your body as well as your immune system. When you prepare your own meals, you know what goes into the finished product. Some eateries may keep “secret ingredients” that you may never know about. You don’t have to pull your hair out over this if you make your own dinner or lunch from scratch at home.

You can also consult with a doctor and join a support group to better manage your situation. Take smart steps and you will be able to contain your allergies and enjoy the foods you love.


Image Credit: Peanuts